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Welcome to Candy Apple Orchard's web site ... 
This year is our best crop of apples yet and there are still plenty of apples on the trees. All varieties are still ripe for u-pick!
Our price this year is $.70 per pound for all varieties.  For your convenience, we are able to handle cash sales, checks, and credit cards.

There have been a couple of cold nights but no real hard freeze as yet!  We plan to be open our regular schedule through Sunday, November 9.  Our weekly schedule for u-pick is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 8:30 AM to Dusk (6:00 PM).  If we are home on Wednesdays, we will open but call ahead to make sure we're not out running errands...we are closed on Saturdays but other orchards in the area may still be open.
We have orchard shoulder buckets and picking poles with baskets so that ladders aren't needed to reach even the highest apples.  You are encouraged to bring study containers to carry your harvest home.  Be sure to check the weather and dress accordingly...good foot covering shoes are recommended.
We hope to see you here before the season is over!
Carol & Burton Briggs

Our orchard has a variety of trees including Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Rome Beauties.  The Golden Delicious have a very good flavor and make a great applesauce and dried apples.  Red Delicious, one of the most famous American varieties, are wonderful in Waldorf Salad. The Rome apples are a firm, slightly tart apple that are great for applesauce, caramel apples, pies, apple dumplings, baked apples, and crisps.  All three are a good eating apple depending on your preference.


Our location and mailing address is:
1871 West South Slope Road, Emmett, Idaho 83617

Phone: (208) 365-1413

Our orchard store will be open with apple butter, fruit salsa, jams,  take and bake apple pies and a collage of apple related products. 
A neighbor has made an assortment  of jams & jellies that are also available.
Our goal is to make your visit to our orchard a family adventure that you will want to repeat every year as some of our guests already do!
*Updated: 10/30/14

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us by phone or the email link below.


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