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Apple Orchard Etiquette

Little Known, Well Known Facts on Apple Orchard Etiquette

1.  Neighboring orchards tend to run together; please repect boundaries and only pick from the trees specified.  Neighbors are not happy when their apples are picked by someone else's customers.
2.  Apple trees are tender and sensitive and for safety reasons should not be climbed...even if the best apples appear to be at the top of the tree, please use our "fruit picker".
3.  When using the fruit pickers, be mindful that they can be damaged if not used properly.  The picking/basket end should be kept off the ground and not used as a rake, a lacrosse stick, sword, or other imaginative tool.
4.  Apples can hurt when thrown and should not be viewed as an opportunity for baseball practiced or tossed about.
5.  If an apple falls while you are picking another apple, please accept both apples as part of your bounty.
6.  Place any apples that are not acceptable under the tree and off the lawn.
7.  Orchards are for everyone's enjoyment; please leave the orchard free of trash and litter.
8.  Apples that have been lying on the ground should not be picked up or eatten because they are considered a health risk; but you may take an apple that you dropped in picking.
9.  Children should not be left to investigate the orchard on their own...they need supervised curiosity.  Of course, climbing on ATVs or tractors should only be done with permission.  And, enjoy watching the chickens but remember that they do not like to be chased.
10.  Wasps & bees are attracted to fallen apples; take precautions to avoid stings.  Be prepared if you are allergic.
11.  Please do not be wasteful. 
12. Due to health risks in the orchard, dogs are not allowed in the orchard area. 

Thank you for being respectful guests.

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